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Boney M.’s album “Love for Sale” (1977) was one of my favourites in my childhood in the late ‘70s. Surrounded by the authentic hippie spirit, with everyone running around free and full of love (of course supplemented by booze and most likely a plethora of other stimulants).

This LP was frequently played by happy hippie people (including my parents), barefoot with shirts glittering in psychedelic disco patterns and flared trousers that made men look even more slender than they already were.

I'm on the floor with my big child's eyes, the album cover in my hand and fascinated by the naked girls who for some strange reason are chained by a man in a thong. I remember asking my mom about it – not about why the guy is so scantily clad or why his underwear is gold (apparently I was well used to both), but why he chained them. She tossed her long bright ‘70s hair, took a long drag from her filter-free cigarette, and whispered in my innocent child’s ear: “Some want to be the tigers, others want to be the ones to tame the tigers.”

What tigers had to do with this image was a mystery to me for many years. Nevertheless, I thought and still think this is a hilarious cover and I love it, and of course I stole it from my parents.

Enjoy this fabulous video “Mr. Baker” from the album “Love for Sale” by Boney M. 

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be one of the tigers, or be the one who tames them!


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Thank you FlytheFly! Got them!

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Unfortunately they are sold out, we will advise you to visit this site to get your perfect golden thongs:

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Can you please advice me where on the page I could find the golden tongas, please.

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