Fetish for 80s fashion!

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We at Fly The Fly have a slight fetish for the 80s in terms of its strong colours and often bold designs.

So we had the good fortune to find this amazing vintage silk blouse in a really cool pattern and these gorgeous high waist vintage trousers in bright blue colour. They are made in Italy and have a fantastic quality. This set is in excellent vintage condition.


Fly the Fly´s model Maria T, photograph Kris Micallef


If you are lucky the blouse is not sold yet and you can find it here and the trousers here.



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Created on Posted by Fly The Fly Vintage Comment Link

When he is here and claims his pants back, we look at him very surprising and say, we have no clue what you mean, we are so not into the 80s :P

Created on Posted by Pia Flodner Comment Link

Hey Flythefly- Mc Hammer called- he wants his pants back.
But honestly- she looks fab in them- don´t give them back to him.

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