They said they came in peace, but they lied!




“V” was a sci-fi mini series from 1983, featuring aliens known as "The Visitors", who make out to be all nice and peaceful but turn out to be anything but.

The Visitors even look like ordinary people, though with a slightly different fashion style: apparently, orange jumpsuits are currently the shit in Outer Space. Another characteristic are the immense cool sunglasses that protect their alien eyes from our harsh sunlight.

And YES! The Visitors’ friendliness is just a facade so they can take over the world. In reality, green lizards hide behind those slick clothes. 

One of the main characters was the deliciously vicious alien Diane, who oozed sex appeal in a way rarely portrayed on television in those days. There weren’t many people except gender who did not fantasise about sharing a night with this beautiful alien beast!

For those who missed this eminent TV series with fantastic 80s sci-fi effects will get a small taste of the trailer further down. Prepare for three minutes of total excitement!  

Check out the “V” trailer here for good entertainment.

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Created on Posted by Fly The Fly Vintage Comment Link

I think that is the best, they will definitely kill all that is out of jumpsuit fashion.

Created on Posted by Pia Flodner Comment Link

Apparently the lizzards from space are way ahead of us in fashion- I´ll totally get mine to be sure to be ahead here on earth.

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