Fashion as art!



The avant-garde style is pure art, made to be worn on a human body. More than any other style, it produces innovative, futuristic and experiential clothes, styling and expression.

Unfortunately, with few exceptions these garments are hardly ever seen off the catwalk. But we at Fly the Fly Vintage hope and wish that soon we will see avant-garde fashion even in our grey streets: men and women walking around like pieces of art, with moulded, twisted, pleated, layered, fanciful shapes made out of beautiful fabrics and sometimes materials never intended to be worn. Pieces that radiate cool sensuality, structured playfulness, hip self-confidence, and a myriad of other things.

There are several major fashion designers who create unconventional designs. To mention but two of them, Issey Miyake and the late Alexander McQueen both has showed the world spectacular fashion pieces. 

Alas, for most people, these clothes will be far too impractical for everyday wear, and for some too extreme even for evening occasions. Many avant-garde clothes are also very expensive, as they are one-off designs with just a very few copies produced. In addition, the incredibly detailed, unusual work can only be carried out by highly skilled craftspeople, often uses very pricy quality fabrics, and is often created by high fashion designers.

But today we thought we demonstrate how you can create a simpler, slightly toned-down vintage avant-garde style with cool, imaginative shapes and colours, for less than €200.

The  vintage clothes you see in the picture are from our Fly the Fly Vintage shop. – These are examples of designs we have in the shop; note that the particular ones shown here may have sold already, but browse the shop to find many more!

The vintage blouse is made of silk and acetate, has a wonderful fit and shape, check our vintage blouse & shirt collection if it´s still available here

The vintage trousers is made in wool and have a really cool oversized style, check our vintage trousers collection if is´t still available here

Be bold. Avant-garde may not be for every day, but let’s dare to make the world a more interesting place by changing up our style, and wear something that turns heads – just like any good art does!


- Because Vintage is Fashion -

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