Fly the Fly Vintage goes Helmut Newton

  • Fly the Fly Vintage photo, shot by Maria Moeller


Helmut Newton (1920 – 2004) was a German-Australian fashion photographer.

He used a new exciting photo language mostly in black and white, very cinematic and futuristic. He famously mixed erotica, fetish, and nudity with fashion. Most of his photos appeared in the French and British Vogue, but he also worked with various other fashion magazines.
His imagery polarised opinions. Many believed - and still believe - that he was a ‘dirty man’ who lived out his fantasies through his photography, with pictures degrading to women. Others find that Newton instead showed strong and empowered women with lots of personality, and that he experimented with male and female stereotypes by showing his subjects covered up versus naked, dominant versus submissive.
  • Helmut Newton photo from 1975, shot for Yves Saint Laurent in French Vogue.


Despite this controversy, he was highly regarded in the fashion world as one of the greatest photographers of his – indeed any - time. Newton also photographed many celebrities, among them Mick Jagger, Judie Foster, Sigourney Weave, Andy Warhol, Charles Lagerfeld, David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini.

  • Fly the Fly Vintage photo, shot by Maria Moeller
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