Absolutely 80's!

  • Fly the Fly Vintage, photo shot by Maria Moeller


Time for the 80's !!

How can one not Love the 80's with all those pink colours, music videos that make no sense, fashion that takes everything to a new level and movies that show us how the future looks like. 

In the picture above, Fly the Fly have selected parts of the fabulous 80's and of course we made our own little interpretation of the this era. The really flashy vintage long-sleeved T-shirt you can buy here and the translucent vintage neon ultra cool earrings here.

 Let´s get started

The hair should be as fluffy as possible, preferably teased and with a ton of hairspray. A well-known trick was to mix sugar with water and spray hysterically.


Accessorising inconsolably!

Legwarmers was the shit and they were not made to warm your legs, they were made to look hot, sexy and awesome. Preferably combined with high heels or sneakers. They were also very popular in the gyms :o! 

Mesh gloves, cut gloves, gloves in all colours screaming neon and just gloves!

Another necessary accessory was the boombox. This was carried around closed stuck to your head. Disproportionate and heavy, but a must for the avid 80s.

Bangles, - how many can you fit on an arm? This was one of the major accessory issues in the 80's. More than Merrier! You can buy lovely 80s bangles at Fly the Fly Vintage here, start your collection now :).

The Fashion!

80's fashion was playful, colourful and futuristic. Sometimes even incredibly horrible. We choose not to express an opinion on the image below.


We Fly The Fly has a slight penchant for 80's, where there is a possibility to find fantastic creations that really stands out, where the shape and design had no limits. This vintage blouse in silk is one of our favourites. Amazing quality, avant-garde and a truly one off. Buy it here if it still available! 


What did we watch in the 80's?

We watched a lot of series that included glitz and glamour. Characters who were talking loudly to themselves while they planned evil deeds, an abundance of big hair, glistening makeup and dramatic facial expressions.

Dynasty was one of the most exiting seriers in the 80's, see this very theatrical scene where we experience a true compelling cat-fight scene. 


We watched a lot of movies as well. To make it easy for us, we rented a MovieBox with the whole family. These concrete lumps were dragged home and if you were lucky the MovieBox didn't chewed up the entire cassettes filmstrip.




 Movies that we loved!


In a California forest a group of aliens botanists collect flora samples. When government agents appear on the scene, they flee in their spaceship, leaving one of their own behind in their haste. E.T is stranded on earth and need to get back home to his planet (that obviously needs some more flowers).


Warning for a sad good bye scene : 



Back to the Future!


Another Sci-fi movie, this time about a machine that takes you back in time, but also to the future. Here is an perfect example how fashion would look today according to the film.

And this will take us forward:


The Music videos!

The discovery of the effects in music videos came as a shock! Rapid clips, boxes and other formations which framed the performers back and forth, in and out. In and out zoom that made us quite dizzy, the soft filter that led us to believe that all had perfect skin and roses were soft.

Then the rain, lots of rain, outdoor and indoor artists were soaked sensually in uncontrollably masses of water. Smoke machines, they sprayed so much that we could barely see the performers, smoke disperses and we could now sense that something was behind the smokescreen. Suddenly a man stepped out dramatically with his guitar and the smoke was now behind him. This time with illuminated smoke in flashy shades!

 In this video with Sandra we experience glossy men in smoke.


In this video with Dead or Alive we detect the eye patch importance, golden flags and complicated dance moves.


 What did we play with?

The cube - The brain teaser, get unified color on all sides as quick as possible. 



The Monchichi - The unidentified animal that could stick its thumb in mouth and ear.


The Pogo Ball - The ball that would bouncing you out of existence. We believe this could be the replacement for the flying skateboard.


What we really liked to order in the bar!

The b52 - the burnings shot! You looked cool, hot and powerful when you swooped this burning inferno.

And more shots!

In all kind of candy flavours, lakrits, turkish peppar, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and all of the fruit gums that you can imagen!


And in between the shots we had cocktails, as sweet as possible and with lots of colours.

So let's bring the 80's this week and make the world a little more cheerful in every way! 


- Because Vintage is Fashion -

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Created on Posted by Fly The Fly Vintage Comment Link

No the videos was deadly serious and you falled in love with all those sleazy features.. You wanted in house rain so you could look sexy all day long!! The hairspray was so strong so if you accidentally sprayed in your eye, it glued together and the whole evening was ruined.

Created on Posted by Pia Flodner Comment Link

Hahahaaa oh please please pleeeease take me back! The weird part is that you actually thought Dynasty had great actors, videos were not ironic at all and the shots actually tasted great. That we are responsible for a big hole in the ozon layer thanks to all the hairspray we chose, I choose not to think about.

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