The talented Kris Micallef

Photo by Kris Micallef

Today´s blog is about the talented Kris Micallef, a Maltese photographer who captured Fly the fly's Vintage introduction images.

Kris excels in both fine art photography as well as commercial photography having particular interest in the world of fashion. His work has been published in various magazines in Europe, the Middle East and United States.

We at Fly the Fly Vintage discovered Kris on one of his exhibitions REGNVM, an underwater series with incredibly beautiful images, where the models on land are gymnasts, dancers and models. But under water they metamorphose into seahorses, sirens and nymphs.

We wanted Kris to take our introduction images for Fly the Fly's web site. Where the models have a distinctive appearance and expression, where we were able to show a playful side. We put a lot of time an effort into handpicking our clothes from all over the world, and it was extra important for us to choose a photographer that could catch all the details from our unique vintage collection.

We wanted it to breathe vintage and contemporary at the same time, and we feel that Kris really have achieved exactly the feeling we were after. We are proud and excited about our choice of Kris, and looking forward to more collaborations in the future.

For more Kris Micallef :

Thanks to all our fantastic models and check out the shop for more vintage clothing.



About Fly the Fly Vintage

“Something old, something borrowed, and something new” – this old adage is not only a good concept for bridal wear but also for us at Fly the Fly Vintage.

Fly the Fly fuses and mixes trends. We like all sorts of looks, patterns, and shapes: from the latest fashions to the vintage style. Fly The Fly Vintage carries ritzy, quirky, elegant, and fashionable vintage collections for women and men.

Our items are from all over the planet and carefully handpicked by our experienced fashion team. We buy vintage clothes and accessories from the glorious old days and find them new homes and love.

You can find original pieces from the 1950s to the 1990s, from street style to glamorous party frocks, from elegant classics to sophisticated office wear. We select only top quality garments. Yes, there will be slight signs of age, but we believe they only add to the character of our vintage clothes, and show their interesting history. But having said that, we do make sure that all our items are in very good condition, ready for continued wearing.

Fly The Fly also offers from time to time pre-owned garments from premium and high fashion designers. These pre-owned garments and accessories exude luxury that will lift your evenings to an even higher level.

- Because Vintage is Fashion -







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