A woman who put tracks in the ‘80s fashion world.

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Grace Jones was one of my big idols in the ‘80s (and still is). She was almost surreal-looking with her androgynous look and attitude.

Naively, I tried to copy this cool style in the late ‘80s, with predictably disastrous results: I wore far too much bronzer, and was way too young for the vintage blazer with huge shoulder pads, which only succeeded in making my head look very tiny. Not one of my finest fashion moments.

Grace Jones is known as a model, actress, record producer, singer and songwriter.

With her androgynous appearance and inimitable way-out-there style, she also became one of the world´s biggest fashion icons. She influenced the cross-dressing movement of the ‘80s and beyond and is often mentioned as an inspiration for artists like Lady Gaga, Annie Lennox, Rihanna, and many more.

At age 66 Grace Jones is still going strong

Photo shoots from the album Hurricane (2008)

We will spare you this time to make an utter unsuccessful attempt to create the Grace Jones style.

Instead, our model Athena shows how elegant and cool you can look in an open vintage blazer from the '80 with clean cuts. Combine with leggings; pair of ankle boots and if you have hair as Athena, make it wild and free!

Please note that the vintage blazer in our picture could be sold out, but we have more lovely vintage blazers in our shop. You will find them here.

Check out this super awesome music video from the Grace Jones hit album “Nightclubbing” (1981).



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