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Picture above: Fly the Fly's model Joelle shows how to get the perfect bohemian style. Find the dress here, if you are lucky it's still there for you. Find the accessories here

Wanderlust. This word originates from the German language and describes a strong impulse or desire to travel. Almost everybody felt it at least once; this longing for discovering new places with unknown smells or food we never tasted. However, this concept to explore and live an unconventional life of travelling and adventure appeals more to some people than others.

The French word “bohemian” was originally used to describe travellers from central Europe. Today it applies to people who do not linger in one place for a long time, often have an artistic lifestyle and of course: wanderlust. A certain style of clothes, known as bohemian fashion or “boho-chic”, reflects this image. The movie “Moulin Rouge” shows the bohemian lifestyle and fashion in Montmartre at the turn of the 20th century.  

An important part of bohemian fashion is to use vintage pieces, such as silk blouses, flowy skirts, folk inspired prints and hippie dresses. This renewal of old fashion in a mixture with new pieces creates an inspired, creative and laid back look.


Modern fashion icons for this style are Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and the Olsen Twins.

A certain laissez-faire attitude towards fashion is a big part of the bohemian lifestyle. To create this special look, Fly the Fly offers lovely vintage pieces, which are handpicked from all over Europe. Get inspired to create a boho inspired outfit that you could wear in a café in Paris, a street market in Greece or an afternoon stroll in Venice. Let your wanderlust take over!


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