Chic orange vintage blazer from the '70s

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Here is some information that clarifies how we have calculated sizes, how we have measured the garment, where you will find information on the quality of the garment and materials, and some other odds and ends.

Quality - All our items are hand-picked, and we always make sure that our clothes are of high quality - over 60% are made in Italy. But since we offer vintage clothes, of course sometimes some wearing due to age is to be expected. If there are any flaws beyond that, we will always mention them in the main description of the garment.

Sizes - In order to calculate our sizes, we have measured all of our clothes to make it easier for you to see if that particular garment fits you. Note that some measurements are taken with the garment lying flat, so you need to double our measurements in areas such as hips, waist, bust/chest, sleeves. Please be sure to check our size chart about how to measure the different parts of your body.

We also have the style of the garment in mind when we estimate its size: whether it´s oversized, or if it has more of a slim fit.

Many garments have stretchy material or an elastic waist, which means they can be worn by a range of sizes. We try to indicate this in our descriptions.

Body shapes and heights have changed considerably over the decades and size notation has adapted with them. What used to be a size S in the ‘40s is likely at least one size up nowadays. Our sizes reflect contemporary body shapes, and may at times contradict what’s written on the label of a garment.

If you have any questions regarding our estimated size and measurements of the garment you are interested in, please contact us – we’re always here to help:

Decade/Material - We have a lot of expertise with vintage garments and always try our very best to determine the decade of our items, and what they are made of. Often the labels provide useful clues. Sometimes it can be difficult to be precise, in which case we give you our best ‘guestimate’.

Thank you for taking the time to read our information above. We love having you as a customer, and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

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